Our Mission & Vision

To make the world a better place

by helping anyone turn their dream of adventure,
their willingness to push themselves, and their passion for doing good into charitable action !




We have all heard the saying the ``all who wander are not lost`` and that is fundamental to the core belief we hold at Penny a Mile. We believe that those who want to explore themselves and their world are also the kind of people who want to make the world a better place - and at PaM, we want to help!



Penny a Mile is for all who want to combine their dream of adventure and exploration with their desire to give back to something important to them. Whether it is a bike ride, an ultra-marathon, a long hike, or a sled dog race, we can help you to turn your adventure into a fundraising effort for your favorite cause.



Whatever your active passion, couple it with Penny a Mile to help others! We believe that whatever your goal, there is a way to can turn it into a way to contribute and give to the causes you hold dear. Reach out to us and discover how!

Better You! Better World!

Penny a Mile is about chasing dreams and doing good. We want to help people achieve theirs and help others while they do it. We are about Penny a Milers finding themselves and making a difference.

It all started with my dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail - all 2180 miles - even though I am, realistically, too fat and too poor to quit my job and walk for six months. I am going to do it anyway - or get carried off the trail trying. I am also going to make the world a better place while I do it! I am going to make me a better person while I do it. That is what Penny a Mile is really about.

For the past 30 years, life had a way of getting in the way of my dreams, as it does for so many others. But now, with the support of my amazing wife, family, and friends, beginning in Spring of 2017, I am strapping on the pack and heading to the woods. At the same time, I am going to raise money for my favorite charities along the way. Better me - better world.

I founded Penny a Mile to help others do the same. I figure while I learn how to fund-raise, find sponsors, leverage social media, and all of the other things I need to do to make my hike successful, I might as well build a not-for-profit along the way that will help others do the same. And that folks, is Penny a Mile.

So, what started out as one man's dream walk is turning into a real plan to help adventurers and dreamers everywhere reach their goals and, along the way, help them do a lot of good!

So, start your own adventure, start your own campaign, and lets get together to change ourselves and change the world!

Better you! Better World!


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